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This site is created for the spanking connoisseur who appreciates high resolution images. It is best when viewed with monitor display resolution of 1600x1200 pixels or higher

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Nothing here is staged. There are no models, loose women, children or teens just classy attractive ladies getting real and sometimes severe ass whippings! They have agreed to this internet exposure despite the embarrassment to demonstrate the depth of their submissiveness.           

In our view a lady is, by definition, submissive. She naturally wants to be put in her place, and there is no better way to do that than a good sound spanking. The wife promised in her wedding vows that she really wants to love, honor and obey. Anyway, deep down what woman really doesn't want to be required to be daddy's little girl?

We are now adding other attractive like minded couples to our site. If you agree with the philosophy expressed above, here's your chance to come out of the closet, get real and let the rest of us watch while you sort out your pretty woman. When you soundly spank your wife or girlfriend allow us to videotape the real event for posting on this site. Mention it to her and contact us . You might be surprised at your gal's response. The fear, excitement and stinging humiliation of a publicly viewed spanking might get your lady either very much in line or better yet, a firm spanking for the cameras. Sorry, we are not interested in singles, actors or staged events, only real practicing lifestyle couples.


Click on the links below to view the Free Samples. Here you will find scenes from videos made of couples who have taken us up on the offer All chronicle real events as they occurred. The complete video documentaries available for download in our members area are perfect for anyone who loves seeing a lovely sophisticated woman undergo the stinging humiliation of having her skirt raised and her panties taken down for a good old fashioned bare ass spanking. They were videotaped using state of the art, high end, 2/3 inch chip, broadcast television equipment and provide an astonishing visual.


              "Whipping For The Weather Girl"


We were surprised and fascinated when the Mr. of the weather girl at a small midwest town television station contacted us regarding our offer to videotape his lassie getting a sound spanking. He said she really had it coming and that she likes the exposure. We never found out if she  really had it coming. but she certainly did get plenty of exposure not to mention a good hard stinging ass whipping with his heavy leather belt. Notice how embarrassed she is just before she gets hit and how humiliated she seems after a 20 minute spanking.




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"Katherine Gets a Spanking"

A true to life documentary of a woman, defiantly her own person but submissive to her husband because of her Christian training and faith is a true masterpiece. We interview and follow our lady for two days since she was sentenced to not just one but two separate whippings for her defiant childlike naughtiness. This tape chronicles the first execution of sentence with excerpts from her second beating. This is a lifetime experience, a veritable tour de force of disciplinary wife spanking.



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