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Spanked Lady features spanking and corporal punishment pictures and videos. Inside you will find spanking descriptions, spanking reviews, and extremely explicit spanking photos and spanking videos of very high resolution. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to enter this site. If you are under the age of 18, are offended by adult content dealing with spanking, or content of this type is not allowed in your community or country, you must exit now.


This site is created for the spanking connoisseur who appreciates high resolution images.  It is highly recommended that you set your monitor display to a resolution of at least 1600 x1200 pixels or higher.


Nothing here is staged. There are no models, loose women, children or teens just classy attractive ladies getting a real spanking and sometimes severe ass whippings! They have agreed to thisinternet exposure despite the embarrassment to demonstrate the depth of their submissiveness.  

In our view a lady  is, by definition, submissive. She naturally wants to be put in her place, and there is no better way to do that than a good sound spanking. The wife promised in her wedding vows that she really wants to love, honor and obey. Anyway, deep down what woman really doesn't want to be required to be daddy's little girl and get a good sound spanking whether she likes it pr not at the time.

We are now adding other attractive like minded couples to our site. If you agree with the philosophy expressed above, here's your chance to come out of the closet, get real and let the rest of us watch while you sort out your pretty woman. When you soundly spank your wife or girlfriend allow us to videotape the real event for posting on this site. Mention it to her and contact us . You might be surprised at your gal's response. The fear, excitement and stinging humiliation of a publicly viewed spanking might get your lady either very much in line or better yet, a firm spanking for the cameras. Sorry, we are not interested in singles, actors or staged events, only real practicing lifestyle couples.

Click on the links above to view the Free Samples. Here you will find scenes from videos made of couples who have taken us up on the offer All chronicle real events as they occurred. The complete video documentaries available for download in our members area are perfect for anyone who loves seeing a lovely sophisticated woman undergo the stinging humiliation of having her skirt raised and her panties taken down for a good old fashioned bare ass spanking. They were videotaped using state of the art, high end, 2/3 inch chip, broadcast  television equipment and provide an astonishing visual.    


Descriptions of Spanking Videos:

    We were surprised and fascinated when the Mr. of the weather girl at a small midwest town television station contacted us regarding our offer to videotape his lassie getting a sound spanking. He said she really had it coming and that she likes the exposure. We never found out if she  really had it coming. but she certainly did get plenty of exposure not to mention a good hard stinging ass whipping with his heavy leather belt. Notice how embarrassed she is just before she gets hit and how humiliated she seems after a 20 minute spanking. In a true to life documentary of a woman, definitely her own person but submissive to her husband because of her training is a masterpiece. We interview and follow our lady for two days since she was sentenced to not just one but two spankings for her naughtiness. This video chronicles her first execution of sentence, a thorough thirty minute paddling and severe ass whipping with her husband's doubled up belt. Then you are given access to the second thrilling installment of the formal sentence imposed on this lovely lady. Vowing before our cameras earlier that day to behave herself  in future, she hopes never to be spanked again. Listening to her cry and beg we believe she is sincere. Plaintively struggling  to get away and enduring her beating as best she can, the loyal and righteous Christian woman must trust her husband to know when she has been sufficiently chastised.

    As anyone can see from the solemn expression on her face, Another lady shown here knows she's really in for it. When hubby asks her if she knows why she has been ordered to appear before cameras and lights, the sober concerned Mrs. is ready with "I'm here to be punished". Asked how she expects to be punished, madam ashamedly replies "Your going to spank me". As one can easily see from the scenes below, she really does get a good spanking and with a heavy leather belt too........In another episode of humiliation before getting a spanking this classy lady is allowed to choose her punishment for a number of recent indiscretions. After some thought, She admits abruptly, "I deserve a spanking". As one can see from the scenes depicted inside, she gets more humiliation than she bargained for, not to mention a bright red butt...

   In spanking video footage, a must see for anyone who loves watching the Mrs. being thoroughly put in her place after refusing to put her nose in the corner when ordered to do so, madam is manhandled, paddled, whipped with a heavy leather belt and finally subjected to a stinging hand spanking. This pretty young wife won't argue the next time she's required to press the corner with her nose. Then, asserting that she is unafraid of her husband's strap, an arrogant lady of the house pretends to be unimpressed by the domestic discipline she is about to receive. By the looks of the all out beating madam gets. This pretty but now contrite gal won't be sitting around on that cute fanny for a while.....

Asked to describe a spanking hubby said "Asked how she feels about being a women under the strap, my proud intelligent lady admits, "I feel fine". "I'm proud", she says through sarcastically gritted teeth and stiffened lips." We hope so cause she is black and blue after this session with a heavy leather belt. The spanking  is severe as one can see from the contortions on her face while getting this very well deserved licking. 

A final movie documents the real life confrontation of a couple attempting to leave home for opening night at the theatre. When hubby realizes that his Mrs. has had so much Champaign that she is too tipsy to go out,  he decides that what  malady  really needs more than a night on the town is a good sound spanking. She's mortified by the indignity and the sting of a spanking with his belt. Don't miss her spanking.




Never Hit a Child

"Hitting a child is wrong and a child never, ever, under any circumstances except literal physical 
self-defense, should be hit."

Murray A. Straus

Hitting is wrong. To hit someone is a violent thing to do. Violence is a thing one person does to make another person hurt. With children we do not want to do things that hurt or harm them. We want to be firm and consistent, yet kind and gentle... not harsh. We want to be tender, merciful and compassionate

There is no situation that changes the act of hitting someone from a wrong thing into a right thing. There is no excuse that magically turns hurting someone on purpose into a kind or merciful thing. This is confusing, though, isn't it? A law can say that it is all right to do something that is normally wrong in order to stop a wrong thing. Still, hitting someone is almost never a better 'wrong' thing to do or the 'lesser of two bad things'. Defending ourselves from physical attack (one of few examples) might be less wrong than the physical attack itself. But the law sets a limit for this rare sort of situation. The law limits a physical defense that involves hitting someone to interrupting only or ending only the attack upon the physical safety of a person
The laws that also allow the physical punishment of children do not magically make hitting a child a better 'wrong' thing to do or the 'lesser of two bad things'. They only allow it. They state that parental physical aggression is not illegal. But hitting children is not tender or compassionate treatment. Hitting children is not better than treating them in ways that do not hurt. It does not model the way we want our children to act. Some day our society will be kinder, gentler and less violent when we all stop hitting children. To stop hitting children will mean, by the very extermination of the practice, that we are less violent.

Of course, most of us do not say to our children, "hitting is right" or "hitting is a good thing to do." We do not really believe that it is a good thing to hit people. Most of us deny that we are 'in favor' of hitting children. However, most of us behave as if it is a good thing to do. Most of us are in favor of spanking and physical punishment. And the law attempts to make a physical attack on a child's body a thing that is all right to do. 

The way a spanking looks and feels must be confusing for children. How can they tell what it means? Parents are their example of what is right and good. Parents' behavior is their example of what love looks and feels like. Hitting a child seems to say that it is all right to hit people... even loved ones. When a person wants to control others, it must be okay to hit them, spanking seems to say. For children whose parents tell them that hitting is wrong, hitting might also seem to say that it is all right to do something that is wrong. It certainly does not show or say to the child what behavior is wanted. 

There is no obligation or duty to hit children. No one of us can show that anything bad happens if we do not hit children. No one can show that children become less well behaved if we do not hit them. When people think of not hitting children, however, they often feel afraid and uncertain. What do they fear? Are they just uncomfortable with the unknown or the untried? Do they just doubt what they have not yet experienced? They do not really know that anything bad will happen. It is enough for them, it seems, that they believe that something bad will happen. Since people usually do not really think about many of their beliefs, it is hard to use reason to help them to be unafraid. But there is no evidence that a child whose parents model appropriate behavior, clearly and unambiguously love and nurture that child, diligently encourage and positively reinforce desired behavior, using reason and persuasion while consistently communicating and enforcing limits, and demonstrating a rational process for problem solving, will not "turn out" as well, if not better, than any child held up as the supposed example of the benefit of spanking her or him. 

So we have no duty, contract or promise to hit. There is no other social, legal or moral rule that makes us spank our children. We can, however, certainly count upon our friends and family to say that there is a need for a 'good spanking'. They will tell us that spanking people during their childhood is the cure for society's ills. They carry tradition and myth, as humans always have, but that does not mean that they know the truth. 

Social, legal and moral ties bind us to feed, clothe and shelter our dependent children. We should teach them to behave well in public and to contribute according to their capacity. We should help them to find happiness doing these things. If we do our job well, they become willing and able to give their best to society. There is no need to hit children in order to do our social, legal and moral duty. For example, accepting the responsibilities for a dependent adult might become our social and moral duty. But, we would have no legal right to hit that adult in order to do this duty. As fully human as any adult of our species, children, therefore, should be entitled to the same special care and protection any adult enjoys. 

Nothing good forces us to act aggressively toward our minor children. Yet, there seems to be some mistaken, unfounded 'sense of duty' to do it. We believe that this 'sense' may be the result of a self-conscious feeling that other parents in our family or social group know better than we what we should do. As children, we saw our parents and other adults do things that we remember as right and good. Spanking children is one of those things that we memorized. We copy that behavior with our own children. We think, therefore, that we are surely being a good and proper parent. We are following tradition. However, tradition and morality are separate standards. 

Hitting children does not make it easier for us to do our social, legal or moral duty as parents. Hitting them may only offer us a sort of shortcut when speed is a higher priority. But it is ironic that hitting them may actually make it easier, instead, for our children to realize dreadful outcomes; the literal opposites of our goals. The result of spanking is our children's fear and resentment of us. Research indicates that several, serious negative side effects may be associated with its use. So, parents' satisfaction with spanking could be related to some other need, independent of the child. 

Murray Straus is author of Beating the Devil Out of Them: Corporal Punishment in American Families. He wrote, "The most basic step in eliminating corporal punishment is for parent educators, psychologists, and pediatricians to make a simple and unambiguous statement..." That is the statement I have quoted at the top of this page. I agree with it. I like the statement. Most people think that it is too strong. Some have felt that the phrase "except literal physical self-defense" seems to give permission to spanking parents. Professor Straus also suggests that we say, without qualification, "A child should never be hit." I believe that after the briefer proscription, though, one must prepare to respond to the certain question, "Well, what about the circumstance: self-defense?" But, self-defense is not at all common among the routine responses to our children's behavior. Defense of self indeed! 

Professor Straus explained to me that he too could recognize that there is a certain danger in adding "except for self-defense." He thought that it was, in part, his training in criminology that led to his writing it the way he did. He explained that many people misunderstand the legal concept of self defense and think that retaliation is self defense. Of course, self defense becomes a legal justification for assault only if the person is in danger of serious injury or death and cannot get away. He said, "If a child hits a parent, the parent can and should restrain the child if it continues, but she or he should never hit back." In his own opinion, the parents should make a big deal out of any instance of a child hitting. It should be treated as a moral outrage and something to never be done again. He said, "Hitting back is not self defense." Legally, an adult who is attacked and hits back may also be guilty of assault. 

It concerns me that the quotation risks deafening listeners so that they hear nothing that follows it. I live and write, and 'mingle' among the people of Arkansas, USA. It is a spank-happy place where it is "open season" on children--in their homes as well as in their schools. Our children stand a one-in-ten chance of being hit by an adult at school, so Arkansas ranks second only to Mississippi as the "worst" among the ten worst school-paddling states. 

Still, "never hit" is the phrase to which most of the provoked readers respond. Realistically, the people I engage all want to know "What if you're attacked or assaulted by a juvenile delinquent?" I believe that there has to be an exception. There almost always is. Perhaps 'except' is permissive. This exception, of course, is always some extreme, bizarre and unlikely occurrence. In such a crisis, however, people do what they are going to do for no certain reason. Anticipation rarely has anything to do with the outcome; Besides, most parents really are not parenting armed juveniles. How realistic is it to expect to have to hit your child to save your life or protect yourself from serious physical threat -- literal physical self-defense? 

LITERAL, PHYSICAL, SELF-DEFENSE ... The exception only barely warrants noting. So, my inconsistency is that I also agree with the "too soft" critics. I have been around a lot of violence, threats of serious harm to my family, our property and myself. I do not hit any children. I worked in child welfare (child protective services, foster care, adoptions, interstate transfers) in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area; that is, Maricopa County. I worked the pediatric outpatient clinic at the indigent care hospital in Phoenix and conducted interviews with child abusers (some suicidal and homicidal). I worked nearly ten years in the pediatric department and the ER of a large hospital here in Little Rock. 

I am not through with living so it would be disingenuous to make a statement so absolute that I could not realistically expect to live by it. But I can state, unambiguously, that hitting a child is wrong and a child never, ever, under any circumstances should be hit. 

Randy Cox, ACSW, LCSW


Little Rock, AR

Reference: Beating the Devil Out of Them: Corporal Punishment in American Families, Lexington Books, 1994, Murray A. Straus with Denise A. Donnelly, ISBN 0-02-931730-4 

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